Frequently Asked Questions

As you get older you may start to find your daily activities are becoming a little harder, causing concern for your safety, or driving unnecessary concerns. Or perhaps you have recently had a stay in hospital and need some help to get you back on your feet.

Our years of experience working with clients in similar situations enables our team to quickly find solutions, making daily living easier for you and address any worries and concerns for you and all your family.

If you are at the stage of life where you require a little extra help, but wish to continue living at home, Carinity Home Care can help you.

We understand the independence you feel being in the comfort of your home and local community, and want to stay at home for as long as you can. Considering care options is often an emotional decision for the whole family, and families may feel the only option for additional care and assistance is in an aged care home. If the additional care you require can be supported at home, there is no need to leave.

Carinity Home Care provides both full-fee and Government-subsidised home care from entry level one-off services, such as domestic assistance, through to the highest level of Government-funded Home Care Package, enabling you to enjoy living in the home you’ve always loved.

We value every person as a unique individual and take the time to really listen and understand you, your needs and aspirations. We work with you and your family to deliver holistic services to meet your quality of life and wellness goals and maintain your independence. And as your circumstances change, we ensure our services adapt to your changing lifestyle.

Carinity Home Care offers a full range of services from basic support and care to keep you healthy, happy and safe at home, assisting with personal care, supporting you after a stay in hospital, through to getting you out and about to the shops and with friends in your community.

And when the time comes, should you require extra support, Carinity also provides permanent and short-term residential aged care throughout Queensland.

Home care support is available to anyone who may require a little extra help with daily activities, but wishes to continue living independently in their own home and local community.

If you are over 65, you may be eligible for Government-subsidised care. An assessment will determine your eligibility. Alternatively you can access self-funded (full fee) services without a referral from a doctor or agency.

For more information about these programmes or packages of care, please visit Paying for your care.

We provide so much more than just personal care and help around the home. With Carinity, it’s your agenda. Whatever you want to get out of life, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Whether you require daily care services, short-term care, additional top-up care, or simply a one-off service we will work with you to develop a tailored solution to your unique needs.

Carinity Home Care offers a full range of services from basic support and care to keep you healthy, happy and safe at home, assisting with personal and nursing care, supporting you after a stay in hospital, through to getting you out and about to the shops and with friends in your community.

For a full range of our services, please browse Our Services page. Call our team to find out what we can do for you.

Anyone can receive services at home. Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for subsidised care from the Australian Government through either the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (entry level short term care) or Home Care Packages (longer term care).

If you’re not eligible for Government-subsidised care, or they don’t fully meet your needs, then self-funded care may be the option for you.

You can ‘top up’ your existing Government-subsidised care with extra services if your home care package doesn’t meet all your needs.

Self-funded care might also be the best solution in an emergency or if you need short-term or interim support whilst waiting for a Government assessment or funding for subsidised services.

Costs for home care can vary depending on your individual needs and whether you are choosing to self-fund your services, or eligible for subsidised care from the Government. Just like your individual care needs, we’ll discuss all the available funding options to find the one that best suits you, and develop an individualised budget.

At Carinity Home Care we are committed to making your budget go as far as possible – looking for low-cost and innovative options freeing up funds to spend on other services.

For subsidised care, an assessment will determine your eligibility for subsidies, outlining your budget and any contribution you may need to make. Where people can afford to pay for part of their care, you will be asked to contribute according to your ability. Where people cannot afford to pay at all, there are hardship measures in place.

Here is an explanation of some the costs that might apply to your home care package:

Home care packages fees are broken out into basic daily fees and income-tested care fees.

  • Basic daily fee
    The basic daily fee is set by the government at a percentage of the single basic age pension. This fee varies depending on your Home Care Package level. The basic daily fee is added to the government subsidy to increase the funds available to you in your Home Care Package budget. At Carinity, we do not charge a basic daily care fee. Read more about Home Care Package costs and fees.
  • Income-tested care fee
    You may need to contribute more towards the cost of your home care depending on your income. This fee is different for everyone, and an assessment will determine your ability to contribute to the cost of your care based on your income. Full pensioners do not pay an income-tested care fee.
  • If you receive a means tested Australian income support payment from Centrelink, such as the Age Pension or Disability Support Pension, or you receive a Service Pension or Income Support Supplement from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) you will not need a means tested income assessment.
  • You can use the My Aged fee estimator to get a better idea of the fees that may apply to your individual situation.

If you are fully-funding your care, simply contact Carinity Home Care on 1300 109 109 and we’ll arranging for your local Lifestyle Coordinator to come out to your home to discuss your needs and develop an individualised care plan and budget.

For subsidised care, follow these steps:

  • Register with My Aged Care on 1800 200 422, or visit
  • Initial phone interview with a My Aged Care representative.
  • Referral to an assessment team – either a comprehensive assessment with an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) for a Home Care Package, or an entry-level care assessment for home support with the Regional Assessment Service.
  • Assessment will be done in person to determine your support needs and eligibility for subsidies.
  • Nominate Carinity Home Care as your preferred service provider.
  • Carinity Home Care will contact you to arrange for your local Lifestyle Coordinator to come out to your home to develop an individualised plan and budget.

At any time during the process if you have any queries or questions, simply call our team on 1300 109 109 and we can assist you straight away.

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